The following list are the Album released by Red Velvet since their debut.

EXID 1st Digital single release 
[ Holla]
EXID  has released their 1st Digital single on February 16, 2012. This single "Holla" features two tracks "Whoz That Girl" & "I DO" and especially "Whoz That Girls" track made their name spread quickly among Kpop fans in the beginning. Recommend !                                                                      
01. Whoz That Girl
02. I DO

EXID 1st Mini-Album release 
[ Hippity Hop ]
EXID  has released their 1st mini-album on August 14, 2012. 
This mini-album "Hippity Hop" was produced by hitmaker Shinsadong Tiger, girl group EXID debuted earlier this year in February with the digital single album HOLLA. After some changes in the member lineup, the five-member group - now consisting of Hani, LE, Jung Hwa, and new joiners Sol Ji and Hye Rin - are releasing their first mini-album Hippity Hop. Shinsadong Tiger worked with another hit composer Rado to create EXID's addictive lead track I Feel Good. BEAST's Jun Hyung and composer Tae Joo penned Think About together, while EXID's leader and rapper LE wrote and composed "Phone Bell". Hippity Hop also features a new bossa nova-style version of their debut single Whoz That Girl.
01. 하나 보단 둘 (Better Together)
02. I Feel Good (Title track) 
03. 전화벨 (Call)
04. Think About 
05. Whoz That Girl Part. 2 
06. I Feel Good (R.T Remix) 

EXID 2nd Digital single release 
[ Everynight ]
EXID  has released their 2nd digital single on October 2, 2012. 
This digital single "Everynight" was an alternate version of one of their previous mini-album "Holla" track "전화벨 (Call)" which written by LE and it left a great impression among Kpop fans again.
01. 매일밤 (Every Night) [Instrumental]
02. 매일밤 (Every Night) - Single 

EXID 3rd Digital single release 
[ Up & Down ]
EXID  has released their 3rd digital single on August 27, 2014. 
Initially, this digital single "Up & Down" was doing poorly on Kpop music chart  after a fancam of Hani performing "Up & Down" goes viral online through netizen sharing eventually this single became EXID first song being nominated for  No.1 on various music program and chart.
01. 위아래 (Up & Down) [Instrumental]
02. 위아래 (Up & Down) - Single 

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